Another study finds Vitamin D reduces risk of cancer – by 20% or more

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient that is essential for good health, there’s little doubt about that. Many people know already that the “sunshine vitamin” is key for bone health, but studies continue to show that the benefits of vitamin D are far more reaching than previously imagined. In fact, new research has shown that vitamin D could cut the risk of cancer by 20 percent or more.

Multiple studies have pointed to the anti-cancer effects of vitamin D, but as sources explain, most studies have been carried out in European or American populations. Vitamin D levels and metabolism can vary across different demographics, so analyzing the benefits of this vital nutrient across multiple populations is critical to truly understanding its preventive power.

Researchers have now found a similar correlation overseas. Using data collected from the Japan Public Health Centre -based Prospective (JPHC) Study, a team of scientists has shown that higher vitamin D levels can help protect against cancer across the board. Even after adjusting for other risk factors like smoking, the data still indicated that getting enough vitamin D reduced cancer risk by about 20 percent — which is surely nothing to sneeze at.

Sophia Lowes from Cancer Research UK reportedly commented on the research, stating, “Although this study suggests that higher vitamin D levels in the blood could mean lower cancer risk in Asian populations, overall the evidence for a possible link has been mixed.”

Of course, the propaganda machine has been turned against vitamin D for quite some time. Like many other facets of nutrition, the benefits of vitamin D have gone swept under the rug for far too long. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently released a now-defunct video lecture on the power of vitamin D and its role in protecting against cancer and other diseases.

As the Health Ranger noted in the now-deleted YouTube video, “Every black person in Chicago, in Detroit, New York and the U.K. could prevent cancer — about four out five cancers, by the way — with nothing but vitamin D.” He explained how people with more melanin-rich skin are more likely to struggle with deficiency in this valuable nutrient.

The fact that the Health Ranger’s channel, which boasted videos about the importance of nutrients like Vitamin D, has been deleted, just goes to show how far the corrupt pharma and media industries will go to keep life-saving information like this under wraps. They don’t want you to prevent cancer — they want you to become a cancer patient.

Research has consistently shown that vitamin D can prevent diseases like cancer, and yet the mainstream medical establishment has yet to even give this preventative tool so much as a nod — let alone actually recognize that (gasp) essential nutrients are essential for total and complete health.

Professor Cedric Garland reportedly commented on a recent study of vitamin D and declared, “Primary prevention of cancer, rather than expanding early detection or improving treatment, will be essential to reversing the current upward trend of cancer incidence worldwide. This analysis suggests that improving vitamin D status is a key prevention tool.”

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