10 Most ABSURD and BARBARIC medical procedures, surgeries and “treatments” ever

Many “lethal” cures have been tested through the centuries, but several stand out as the most absurd and barbaric ones ever witnessed. Just because something’s been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, or because “everybody” does it, doesn’t mean it works. To the contrary, some of the most popular medicines today are “epic fail” forms of medical treatment, but somehow the mass media and Big Pharma have still sold folks on them as “mainstream” or “your best chance” at survival, when it’s all just one huge lie perpetuated by falsified research and twisted statistics. Also realize that the term “barbaric” doesn’t have to mean something that dates back to the Dark Ages or caveman days, because there are plenty of “barbaric cavemen” practicing medicine today. Let’s take a look at the 10 most barbaric “modern” treatments.

#1. Lysol douche for birth control

Most consumers know Lysol as that horrific concoction of chemicals people used to spray around their bathrooms to kill germs. Most educated people know not to get that stuff on your skin or breathe it in, though. Yet, play it back to before 1965, when contraceptives were illegal in the U.S. thanks to the Comstock Law, and women were encouraged by Lysol’s advertising campaign and respected doctors (including obstetricians) to douche with Lysol as a cheap and convenient method of birth control. Believe it or not, it was popular. The sad news was two-fold, in that it didn’t work and was highly toxic.

#2. Drinking or injecting mercury

Yes, not too long ago, doctors recommended drinking the most toxic non-radioactive heavy metal on Earth as a medical “treatment” for syphilis and typhoid fever, until they finally realized the mercury was killing people. Ever heard of “Mad Hatter Syndrome?” Yes, it was real. The makers of felt hats were breathing in mercury fumes and losing their minds. Today, barbaric dentists are still putting mercury fillings (silver or “amalgam”) in patient’s mouths, medical doctors and nurses are still injecting mercury into pregnant women, six-month-young infants, children, adults, and the elderly (listed as thimerosal on multi-dose flu shot vial inserts), thinking somehow this will protect people from a rather benign virus that any healthy immune system can beat down in a few days, or prevent entirely. This is a fact: The CDC did NOT remove mercury from all vaccines, just check their own website for yourself if you’re in disbelief.

#3. Lobotomy

Lancing the brain to attempt to cure psychiatric disorders was popular in the Dark and Middle Ages. This is similar to operating on the brain today for brain cancer, instead of analyzing the chemicals the person has consumed (and had injected by vaccine) that caused the cells to mutate and attack the brain.

#4. Electric shock therapy

Unfortunately, there are still many sadistic doctors out there, who love using electric shock “therapy” on patients, especially the mentally challenged and for those who are depressed (anyone qualifies for this). Today, it’s got a new fancy name – “electro-convulsive therapy,” – as if that changes anything. Doctors claim it stimulates the brain, while also claiming that inducing seizures is “safe and effective” for treating mania or suicidal thoughts. Psychiatrists enjoy using this on mentally challenged children and teenagers still to this day. Who wouldn’t want to commit suicide after that barbaric torture?

#5. Late-term abortion

Liberals call it “reproductive rights,” but then again, they don’t mind killing the baby one hour before delivery under that extreme agenda. There are plenty of balanced, loving couples out there who would love to adopt a baby, but globalists who push for population control through programs like the ultra-insidious Planned Parenthood (PP) don’t care, especially if those children are black. That’s why PP centers are strategically positioned in inner-cities. Think about that for a minute. It’s barbaric to kill these living children who have hearts, brains, consciousness, souls, souls, and who, most of the time, would be healthy, totally functional human beings, even if delivered during the third term of pregnancy.

#6. Pulling teeth and removing organs for mental illness

They still call this quack the “Champion of Conventional Medicine” because Allopathic Medicine is still mostly barbaric, using chemical medicines, invasive surgery, and radiation treatments. But turn the clock back to the early 1900s, when a psychiatrist named Henry Cotton functioned as the medical director at the New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton. This freak was removing cleansing organs and teeth in order to battle bacterial infections, all while claiming he healed his sick patients. He even counted the people he killed as people he “healed” (because they were “no longer suffering”) in his false claim of an 85 percent success rate. Dr. Cotton removed teeth first, then sinuses, then gall bladders, stomachs, ovaries, testicles, and colons in order to fight bacterial infections. Many patients were dragged involuntarily to the surgery tables and strapped down for his torturous “treatment.”

#7. Operating on babies without anesthesia

Surgeons in the U.S. used to believe it was ethically fine to operate on babies without anesthesia, subjecting them to intense pain and trauma. From scalpel cuts to inserting staples and stitches, human babies suffered excruciating pain because “modern medicine” was still barbaric, and arrogant Western world surgeons simply dosed the infants with muscle relaxers to shut them up and paralyze them while they “worked their magic.” This was common and considered “standard operating procedure” in the U.S. until the 1980s (including at Boston Children’s Hospital and Oxford University).

#8. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) surgery

Many people who work on assembly lines or on their computer all day know it all too well. You might think invasive surgery is the only cure, but you would be way off. Millions of people go under the knife for CPS, only to end up with severed nerves, limited range of motion, loss of use of their thumb, and little-to-no improvement whatsoever. A second round of surgery has even less chance of success than the first barbaric round. But is it really CPS, or is it just thoracic outlet syndrome, referred pain that stems from the neck and shoulder? The irony of it all is that CPS is actually caused by inflammation and entrapment of median nerves in the carpal tunnel of the inside of the wrist. You’d be better off visiting a massage therapist and a chiropractor for non-invasive solutions with much higher rates of positive results.

#9. Sex change operations (especially for children)

It’s barbaric to maim the body for life, especially when involving children and teens, who are still immature and should not be allowed to make the decision themselves. Having the penis cut off or clitoris cut out can end all sexual function and feeling, and cause other lifelong problems. Many people who undergo these types of operations end up committing suicide later (the rates are fairly high). The medical and sociological repercussions are living nightmares.

Many people wish afterwards they could reverse what’s been done, but they can’t. Those people suffer crippling degrees of depression mixed with suicidal thoughts. More than 40 percent of transgender people attempt suicide and are 20 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population. Plus, taking hormonal treatments is dangerous (especially during puberty) and can easily generate cancerous tumors.

#10. Chemotherapy

Who in their right mind would use continuous doses of carcinogenic substances to try to treat a disease of the cells that’s caused from consuming continuous doses of carcinogenic substances? Less than three percent of chemotherapy treatments even work at all. Would you board a plane and risk your life if it only had a three percent chance of landing without crashing? Chemo is barbaric. Just because it’s used today doesn’t qualify it as “modern medicine.” Shouldn’t you get a refund when chemo fails?

There are several more barbaric medical “treatments” that didn’t make the top ten list, including liposuction, tonsil removal, wisdom teeth removal, digestive tract removal for weight loss, psychiatric drugs (SSRIs), and skull muscle removal for migraine headaches. Folks, there are natural remedies for every ailment under the sun. Don’t go under the knife or get dosed up with cancer-causing chemicals just because some quack who went to college for eight years to learn to juggle chemicals said to do so. Consult a Naturopathic Physician first, because clean, organic food really is “thy medicine.”

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