Pharma’s message: Hey America, eat anything you want, because you’ll be rescued by drugs, heart surgery, and chemotherapy

In certain ways, Western medicine is a miracle. If you suffer a compound fracture or some horrendous deep wound, you can be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and have a surgeon reset your bones and sew you up quick, and maybe even save your life in the process. Or, should you have so much animal fat and canola oil clogging your coronary arteries, you might even be so lucky as to have a helicopter fly you to a hospital and get emergency triple-bypass heart surgery to open up the flow of blood again, before you have a massive myocardial infarction. God bless America, huh? In other “certain” ways, Western medicine is your nemesis, and can put you six feet under faster than you can utter the words “taken as prescribed.”

Immediate gratification, adulterated food, and chemical medicine – the formula for health disaster in America

Thanks to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), aspartame, sucralose, monosodium glutamate, and nitrates, more than 200 million American consumers have taste buds that are addicted to excitotoxins – concentrated forms of genetically modified sugar and salt. These carcinogenic food additives and preservatives are so powerful, that most people who are addicted to them, when they taste foods without them, say there’s no taste, including organic food.

Plus, most conventional American food is so heavily processed, flavored and preserved that it has zero nutritional quality remaining, and what is left is just junk science “food stuff” that looks, smells, feels, and tastes like food, but that’s not what it is anymore.

It doesn’t take very long anymore to go from a healthy person to a full-blown diabetic, or to go from average weight to obese, or to transform your healthy functioning cells from normal ones to mutated ones that multiply uncontrollably and attack your vital organs.

It also doesn’t take but a few years to completely clog your arteries and blood vessels to the point that you have a heart attack, stroke, or become demented.

We’re seeing Alzheimer’s disease “attacking” middle-aged Americans in masse now. We see overweight Americans having massive heart attacks in their 40s and 50s now. We’re witnessing today 30 million Americans suffering from diabetes, and 95 percent of them have diabetes II – the kind you get from a bad diet. According to the CDC, over 100 million Americans are either suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes right now.

Most of these consumers eat anything they want, whenever they want, and plenty of it. They overindulge regularly with no thought of repercussions. They’re addicted to concentrated sugars (plus artificial sweeteners) and concentrated salts, switching back and forth, back and forth, all day long (and sometimes all night too).

Then, the severe and chronic inflammation takes over. That’s when the aches and pains strike at a level that’s unbearable. The brain fog kicks in too. They get dizzy. They can’t exercise at all. They have migraine headaches and irritable bowels that won’t go away, and it’s off to the doctor for relief. Brace yourself.

Diagnostic testing, prescription medications, surgery, and chemotherapy all have ONE THING in common

In America, the non-emergency medical industry does not intend to heal you. Only the emergency medical industry is designed to save your life in the short run. Medical doctors and oncologists are trained in medical college to treat symptoms of toxic food disease with chemicals.

Surgery is only a temporary staving off of a deeper-seeded disorder. Prescription medications add to the health chaos by making your body even more acidic. Chemotherapy doses your entire system with more chemicals that further warp your cells and completely annihilate your immune system. All diagnostic testing does is reveal what any nutritionist can tell you without even running one single test – you’re eating wrong.

There is no prescription medicine and there never will be that can reverse TFD – toxic food disorder. The only way to fix the broken health system in America is to fix the food and water, and get all these people off chemical medications. Once any person switches to mainly organic food, natural medicine, and clean water, the healing begins, and fast.

Hey America, you won’t be saved by drugs, heart surgery, and chemotherapy if you simply eat whatever the conventional food system serves you. Look into a plant-based diet that’s free from pesticides, processing, concentrated salts, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners. Tune into and learn ways to grow your own healthy, unadulterated food on a frugal budget.

Here are some great ideas for tasty homemade food that’s natural and healthy, without the poisonous excitotoxins. Watch this:

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