LIES that cancer doctors tell patients to scare them into “treatment” they don’t even need (Opt Out of Cancer, part 2)

Cancer doctors routinely lie to their own patients to wrangle them into cancer “treatments” they don’t even need… but that generate huge profits for cancer centers. It’s a pillar of the modern cancer industry: Medical terrorism and “false positives” that diagnose people with cancer who have no cancer at all.

To pull this off, cancer doctors deceive patients about the causes of cancer, pretending that cancer is a spontaneous disease without cause. Yes, that’s blatant quackery and junk science, but that’s what oncologists push onto patients, hoping no one notices their highly-profitable medical fraud.

In Opt Out of Cancer, part 2 — a free video series airing now at — I explain what really causes cancer and why many cancer doctors are dishonest criminals who belong in prison. (And some of them are already in prison, having been investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the DOJ.)

Watch the full video at, or see it here:

Also, be sure to check out The Truth About Cancer docu-series, which starts broadcasting in just a few days. Register at this link.


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