To stop growing cancer, change your BLOOD – (Opt Out of Cancer, part 3)

Nearly everyone is giving themselves cancer ever day by eating cancer-causing foods and using cancer-causing personal care products on their skin. When your body absorbs processed foods, beverages, air pollution and chemicals, all those toxins go into your blood (because your body makes new blood every day).

This turns your blood into “cancer blood” that grows cancer tumors.

Truthfully stated, most people living today are tumor farmers who are growing tumors in their own bodies without even knowing it.

But the entire process can be reversed by changing your blood. You can turn cancer-causing blood into anti-cancer blood by changing what you eat and absorb.

Once you have anti-cancer blood circulating in your body, all your living cells are bathed in anti-cancer blood. This eliminates cancer tumors and halts the cancer process from progressing.

Cancer doctors — at least half of whom are medical criminals practicing barbaric “medicine” on innocent victims — lie to patients and tell them the best treatment is to add even more poison to their cancer-causing blood by treating them with chemotherapy. Chemo drugs are extremely toxic, and they turn an already-toxic body into a deadly cocktail of devastating, harmful chemicals. Most patients who “die of cancer” after receiving chemotherapy actually died from the chemotherapy, not the cancer.

In part three of my bombshell new video course called Opt Out of Cancer, I explain all this in clear, scientifically-backed language, revealing simple truths about beating cancer that even most cancer doctors refuse to admit. (Because they would lose all their business and cancer profits.)

You can choose to live a life free of cancer

Opt Out of Cancer is the first course in a new series posted at, a new website based on the stunning philosophy that most “bad” things that happen in the lives of people are things they inadvertently did to themselves. With the proper knowledge, people have the choice to “opt out” of negative outcomes and reclaim their freedom and health, one simple decision at a time.

Watch Opt Out of Cancer, episode 3 below, and visit for all the videos. Don’t miss episodes 1 and 2, which are also posted there.


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