Using nutrition, not chemotherapy, to beat cancer

Nutritional therapy is an increasingly popular approach to treating various kinds of diseases, including many forms of cancer. An Indian review evaluated its potential effectiveness as an anti-cancer therapy, especially when compared to conventional chemotherapy treatment.

This review was supported by the private company Tropilite Food. It was published in the Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy.

  • Natural sources provided almost 60 percent of approved drugs. This includes a number of promising anti-cancer compounds, which come from natural sources like plants and food.
  • There are strong connections between the development of cancer and the diet of patients. Many cancers are traced to insufficient consumption of healthy whole grains in current diets.
  • Chemo-preventive compounds are derived from natural sources, many of which are medicinal or edible plants. They cause fewer adverse drug reactions and achieve similar efficacy when compared to synthetic chemotherapeutic compounds. However, their development requires much more meticulous research.
  • Many epidemiological studies have reported that eating healthy foods are connected to lower risks of cancer. These nutritious foods include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, many of which provide natural substances that prevent the processes that lead to carcinogenesis.
  • Nutritional therapy prescribes functional foods that contain bio-active compounds with protective activities. These diet-based treatments are designed to maximize the number of nutrients absorbed from digested food, thereby strengthening the immune system that naturally prevents the development of cancer.

The study concluded that nutritional therapy shows promise as a safe and efficacious alternative treatment for cancer in place of conventional chemotherapy, especially once the appropriate research efforts hit their stride.

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Journal Reference:

Bisen PS. NUTRITIONAL THERAPY AS A POTENT ALTERNATE TO CHEMOTHERAPY AGAINST CANCER. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. 27 June 2016;8(6). DOI: 10.4172/1948-5956.1000e135

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