Chemotherapy has harmed Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s brain… she had to be reminded by the audience what the 14th Amendment says

As the insane Left continues to vent its rage over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, claiming he’s somehow “unfit” for the high court because a few women have accused him – without proof and corroboration – of sexual assault, at least he’s got one thing a current SCOTUS justice doesn’t have.

His mind.

Kavanaugh’s accusers and those who have chosen to believe them aside, he’s been praised even by some of his current detractors as having a brilliant legal mind. What’s more, he’s well-schooled in the original intent behind each amendment of the Constitution, and particularly the Bill of Rights. He will make a fine justice if he can get past the Leftist nonsense and be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the high court’s oldest justice, the very liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is really showing her age and feebleness, as evidenced earlier this year when she forgot the contents of one of the most important amendments in the history of our country.

As The Daily Wire reports, Ginsburg could not remember the contents of the 14th Amendment as she spoke to a gathering of the National Women’s Party in late August, requiring a member of the audience to supply her with a pocket copy of the Constitution to jar her memory.

The August 26 incident occurred when Ginsburg was asked to discuss the Equal Rights Amendment during a gathering at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument.

“So, you’ve written a few articles over the years about the need for the ERA…and you’ve, of course, noted that the ERA would give the Supreme Court a more secure handle on its support for equality,” said Jill Morrison, the executive director of the Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship and Georgetown University Law School.

“But as you mentioned, as both a litigator and in your time on the court, you’ve actually built precedent in that area,” Morrison went on. “So, could you explain why you believe that the ERA is still as needed today as it ever was?”

The 85-year-old Ginsburg started fumbling around for her purse, given to her by an aide while searching for her own copy of the Constitution that she claims to carry with her. But she couldn’t come up with it.

As a result, an audience member offered her a copy of our governing document, so she could address what she said is “a problem with the 14th Amendment.” (Related: Left says Trump SCOTUS pick Kavanaugh NOT qualified for high court, but KAGAN was?)


No real way to get rid of mentally unfit justices

Though he’s a favorite target of the Left, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, memorized the Constitution as a teenager, Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire pointed out.

Are her mental difficulties the result of “precautionary” chemotherapy she underwent in 2009 following surgery for pancreatic cancer the previous month?

Ginsburg, 76 at the time, chose the treatment because of the high fatality rate linked to pancreatic cancer. But as Chemotherapy News reported in February, she gave an “embarrassing” interview to CNN’s Poppy Harlow in which she demonstrated a “total inability to collect her thoughts and formulate coherent responses to Harlow’s questions.”

The news site noted further:

While it might be tempting to write Ginsburg’s incoherence and inability to formulate her thoughts off as the ravages of old age, if one examines her behavior closely it becomes obvious that she is suffering from what is known as “chemo-brain.”

Whatever the cause, it’s becoming obvious that at some point she may have to be removed from the bench because she no longer demonstrates the mental capacity to serve.

There’s a way to do that. Constitutional expert and law Prof. Jonathan Turley wrote in 2005, justices – like all other federal judges – can be impeached, but that’s never happened. So, justices, even those deemed to be ‘crazy’ and literally mentally unbalanced, are on the high court until they retire or die.

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